Workers involved in fracking operations often live locally and are equally invested in the community’s well-being and quality of life. Workers want to ensure that fracking does not have a negative impact on the area.

Source: Calfrac Red Deer Office

Engagement and Consultation

Regulations are in place to give community members a voice. Before any oil or gas activity can occur, regulations require the industry to formalize a consultation process that allows landowners and other affected parties to express concerns about how the proposed activity might affect them.

The consultation process is the responsibility of the exploration and production (E&P) company that will own and operate the well. The company also must perform the following:

  • Secure mineral rights
  • Conduct any necessary environmental assessments
  • Prepare a detailed drilling plan
  • Ensure safety and emergency-response plans and procedures are in place

Strict regulations are applied to every phase of the lifecycle to make certain that oil or gas resources are accessed safely, efficiently and with minimal impact to the environment and wildlife.

While frac companies have no formal responsibility for public consultation, the companies are proactive in building relationships with the communities in which they work and live.

Fracking has the potential to bring a variety of economic benefits to a region as companies source goods and services locally. Frac companies realize the fracking phase of an oil or gas well’s lifecycle is the busiest from a labour and equipment perspective, which can create nuisances for the local community.

The Working Energy Commitment is designed to establish and maintain lines of communication among the oil and natural gas services companies, including fracking, their employees and the public.

Community Partners is an in-the-field program that fosters the courteous and respectful behavior of workers so that issues such as traffic, dust, noise and garbage are not causing problems for the community. In addition, frac companies have an established a code of conduct to guide company behaviour during periods of fracking activity.

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